Why Activskin?

Activskin legwear is all made in the USA!

Why Activskin suits for Men?

"Many athletes are wearing some form of tights during outdoor athletic activities. Some of those on the market keep the legs very warm, but actually cause overheating after the body temperature rises during exercise or athletic activity. That's why we introduced Activskin Legwear for Men as an athletic product. Not only does it provide warmth-without-bulk when an athlete first goes out in the cold, it's thin enough to allow excess heat to escape after the body temperature builds up. Additionally, since many come in support styles, they provide moderate muscle compression to the legs, which has been shown to enhance stamina and endurance." (Steve Newman)

The Material

Nylon/spandex fabrics do not absorb moisture and stay wet and clammy, promoting fungus growth and athlete's foot, or promoting bacteria growth whose decay leads to foot odor. Your feet will stay dry and odor free. 

Activskin legwear is made from the highest quality Lycra® spandex and nylon yarns available, and they do cost more than cheaper yarns used in cheaper hosiery. A better comparison would be to equate Activskin with higher quality women’s hose found in upscale department stores.


Our legwear lasts substantially longer than similar items made for women, and the cost per wearing (the economic life cycle cost) is usually much lower. With proper care, you can expect to wear our legwear dozens of times. Of course, wearing them under trousers protects them quite a bit; and the heavier weight opaque legwear for men usually last longer than lighter weight sheer legwear for men. 

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